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We just got back from a quick trip down to the Walt Disney World® Resort. It was supposed to be a relaxing, cool October visit, but it turned out to be just the opposite. Orlando had a heat wave last week and we heard the record-breaking temperatures were the hottest it’s been there in October in 150 Years. It was brutal! And….add Columbus Day weekend and the Food and Wine Festival and it all added up to a hot, crowded place. Still, we managed to have a lot of fun and we tried to stay cool wherever we could.

This visit, we stayed at the Boardwalk Resort for the first time and it was beautiful. The decor is of a turn-of-the-century boardwalk, complete with restaurants, bars, carnival games, and all of the little touches that made you feel like you were really at an old boardwalk. Our room was large and had a balcony overlooking the boardwalk. We had heard of people not liking this resort because of the noise from the boardwalk, and although we could hear a little at night, it wasn’t too bad.

The resort is split into two halves, with one side for DVC members and the other for regular guests. There are two quiet pools for those who want to relax and one larger pool with a bar, water slide, music, and games. The water slide is set up to look like a classic wooden roller coaster along the boardwalk and my daughter said it was fun. There was an activities member at the pool each day playing music and pool games for the kids. My daughter even surprised us by singing kareoke in front of everyone!


From this resort, you can either walk or ride the boat shuttle to either Hollywood Studios or EPCOT.  EPCOT was a five minute walk and Hollywood Studios was about 15-20. 

Overall, we loved this resort and would definitely stay here again. If you have a favorite resort, let us know about it. We would love to pass on any tips you may have.

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4 Responses to “Disney’s Boardwalk Resort”

  1. Michelle Alford says:

    The boardwalk is gorgeous. I’m sorry it was so hot. What did you guys do to stay cool?

    • Amy says:

      It really was a pretty resort and we’d love to stay there again.
      To keep cool, we hit the parks early and then returned to the pool during the hottest part of the day. Natalie even sang some karaeoke in front of everyone….and with no words to look at! You can see her here:


      Also, the kids have water bottles with fans on them, so we all took turns cooling off that way. Basically, we did whatever we could to keep cool. It was HOT!

  2. Steve says:

    Welcome back Amy! We had the unseasonal heat too the week before when we were there. We tried to keep to the shade as much as possible. You can always go into one of the longer shows to be in the air conditioning.

    Two years ago we stayed next door to the Boardwalk at the Beach Club. We just loved it! We had a view of the Boardwalk area across the central lake, the view was gorgeous as was our room! We were in one of the closest buildings to EPCOT and it was just a two minute walk to the International Gateway.

    Glad you had a great time, did you get the Chocolate Lava Cake?


  3. Amy says:

    No, Steve, I did not get the chocolate lava cake. Man! I forgot! Now I feel cheated! We had a great time though and I did have some great food! Loved that Octoberfest Sam Adams as well.

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