Disney Fairies, by ‘Kid Expert’ Nattie, age 10

Tinkerbell, at the Walt Disney World® Resort

Tinkerbell, at the Walt Disney World® Resort

The Disney Fairies became extremely popular in Disney’s movie Tinker Bell. Now you can meet and talk to them, or maybe even ask them some questions! You can meet them back in Toon Town in the big tent. You need to get there early because lines can get to 45 minutes in the first 10 minutes of opening. Disney takes care of these crowds by getting you into groups before the Toon Town section opens. TIP: Make sure you grab a times guide before you enter the park, because Toon Town and the other lands don’t open the same time as the opening of the Magic Kingdom.

          When a cast member asks you to “fly with them” to meet the fairies it simply just means the fairies are ready to

Disney Fairy Fawn at the Walt Disney World® Resort

Disney Fairy Fawn at the Walt Disney World® Resort

see you. You walk down a hall and every thing gets bigger, so it seems like you are getting smaller. Once you’re down to fairy size, you go into a room with the fairies in there. All the fairies are not there at once, but Tinker Bell is always there. When you approach them, they may ask you where you flew from or ask you if they can sign your leaf journals (a.k.a. autograph books). One time Fawn told me that I was 40 seasons old! She told me to stop growing because then I will become a grown up. Meeting the Disney Fairies was a really cool experience, and I recommend it to everyone.

Written by our Kid Expert, Nattie. Check out more of what she has to say as well as more tips and tricks at her Kid’s Only Page.

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