Soarin’ at EPCOT

I think I have a new favorite ride at Disney. If you have ever been to EPCOT and have riden Soarin’, you know exactly what I mean. The idea behind this ride is you are hang gliding over some popular sights of California, some of it high

Soarin', at EPCOT

Soarin', at EPCOT

up and some down very low. As the ride starts, you are raised up to face the giant screen. If you have ever been in an IMAX theater, this is the same concept. The screen is so big it feels like you are really there. Once you get into place, the movie starts and you don’t move again until its over and they lower you down. It just feels like you are moving. And to make it even more realistic, Disney has added extra touches to make it feel even more realistic. As you fly through a forest, you can smell evergreen trees.  When you fly over orange groves, you can smell oranges. There’s also a light breeze throughout the ride.

If you get motion sick easily or are afraid of heights, you might want to skip this ride. Even though you aren’t moving and you’re not very high off the ground, this ride gives the feeling that you are. It’s also a good ride to use the Fasspass system, as the lines can get pretty long.

The video below is of the entire ride, so if you have not been on the ride and do not want to spoil it, do not watch it. Otherwise, enjoy the video and don’t miss this ride at Disney!


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2 Responses to “Soarin’ at EPCOT”

  1. Britt says:

    I looove this ride. My favorite part about it is when you fly above the pine treetops in Colorado and you can actually smell the pine needles and feel the breeze through your hair!

  2. My daughter pointed out when we walked into the ‘theater’ that you could still smell oranges from the ride before us.
    I remember riding it once and feeling ocean mist on my feet when we went over the surfers, but I haven’t felt it since. Was it just in my mind?

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