Planning For A Walt Disney World Trip, by Gil Pohl

It seems that I get phone calls about once a month from a friend of a friend asking me about taking a trip to Walt Disney World.  What surprises me most is when someone calls and tells me that they are going in a month and have not done any planning. 

I think a trip to Walt Disney World is something that requires at least some advance planning.  I break my trip planning into three stages, the first has three parts.  Where to stay, what tickets to purchase, and how am I going to handle dining. 

Walt Disney World ResortsStage 1, Part 1:  The first thing I need to know is where to stay, how many days I will be staying, and how much it will cost.  This is where your first call to The Mouse Experts comes in.  For me I love to be involved in Disney 24 hours a day, so I always stay on park.  Rooms for every budget are available, so working with an expert will ensure that you get the right room at the best price. 

Disney TicketsOnce you have to a place to stay, then you can move on to the second decision, what type of tickets to buy.  There are just so many types of tickets that again asking for help is a great idea.  In general, the more days you stay, the lower the cost per day .  Where the help is needed is in the options that you can add to a ticket.  Park Hopping, Water Park Fun & More, and No Expiration are some of the options that can be added to the “base ticket”.  For which options are right for you, talk with The Mouse Experts and they can tailor a ticket package for you.

Disney DiningThe final step in the Stage 1 of the planning is do I want a “Dining Plan”.  With the dining plan, all meals will be paid in advance.  The dining plan is flexible enough so that you should be able to eat when and what you want.  If you decide that the dining plan is right for you, it should be booked at the same time you book your room and reserve your tickets.  Package deals do save money. 

I will be writing again soon about Stage II of the planning process; advance dining reservation and other activities.

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  2. my kids love to go disneyworld, i think every kid would love to go there.;;

  3. all of my kids enjoy the park and rides in Disney World, disney really knows how to please kids ;.-

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