Do Not Follow The Crowd

As you walk through the Disney parks and resorts, you will notice most people follow the person in front of them. You are busy socializing, carrying a child, whatever, and just follow the person in front of you knowing you will get where you want to go if you do. One small problem; the person in front of you is following the person in front of him and so on. Be alert when arriving at a park as to where the majority of the crowd is going. Many say the left lines at Disney are faster.

I find this works about 65% of the time which is better than the 35% around me going to the right, but it is truly an observation game. If everyone is heading left, go right. Watch in front of you and see which security guard checking bags is super thorough, DO NOT go to this line. Go to the one seeming to be the quickest at inspections. When you get to the turnstiles, always look around you, it seems there is typically a cast member opening a new lane and that is where you want to go. All lanes can accept strollers so please don’t do what I see so many doing; following other families with strollers, because they assume that is the only line they can get a stroller through. In my experience, the gates at any turnstile have the ability to swing open and let a stroller through..

 This rule goes for Early Extra Magic Hours as well. If you are going to take advantage of the Early Extra Magic Hours (when guests staying on Walt Disney World® Resorts properties are allowed admittance to specified parks an hour earlier that day), get in and out.  Now keep in mind, the average Disney vacationer does not arrive to the parks until 10 or 11AM so you will be ahead of the game, but chances are most guests will go to the park that had the Early hours. If one is being offered that morning, that park is typically the busiest on that day. So, go ahead and take advantage of the extra hour, hit those favorites and get out by 10 if possible and no later than noon! If you don’t have a hopper ticket, go back to the pool, have some lunch, and head back to that park late afternoon as everyone is heading out.  If you have a hopper, hit another park! Have fun!

As for the monorails, the same thing goes. Everyone seems to congregate in one area or all to one side. Look around you and go to a spot that is less crowded. The train is going to the same place and arriving at the same time no matter which car you are in. Find some breathing room. Don’t forget, if you have an extra ten minutes, ask to sit up front. You may have to wait for the next train, but one will be along very soon. The best front seat ride on the monorail in my opinion is from the Ticket and Transportation Center to Epcot® or vice versa. It is the longest trip, and once you get to Epcot®, you do a loop through Future World before stopping.

So go have fun and be yourself, step outside of the crowd when you can.

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