Pools: Are They Deep? By Kid Expert Nattie, Age 10

Pools, Are They Deep?

I was walking around to different pools and noticing, where are the diving boards and guests yelling at kids”Stop making such a big splash?” Is something missing or was it just me? I looked around noticing that pools were mostly 5 feet and shallower. Well, that’s because there are so many little kids. Yeah, I know how you feel you divers and cannonball people, that’s me too. The life guards then just have to scold people running around and wrestling over the pools (mostly dads).

Pools can be fun too! The Beach Club Resort has a volleyball net, the Polynesian has a volcano water slide and Port Orleans has a dragon that’s half in the water and it goes all the way across the pool until there is water slide! It’s awesome!

Yacht and Beach Club Pool

Yacht and Beach Club Pool

Written by Nattie, our Kid Expert. Check out more of what she has to say and more tips and tricks at her By Kids/4 Kids Site.



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