My favorite Disney World Run

Not many things in my opinion can compare to waking up knowing you are headed out to the most magical place on earth, Walt Disney World®. But one thing can and that is a run early in the morning around Seven Seas Lagoon. When we stay at the Polynesian Resort I have a run ritual that heightens my Disney experience every time. I run from our room along the winding paths on Polynesian’s grounds, passing the marina, along the beach of Seven Seas where you hear the water lapping on the shore, by the Wedding chapel and fitness area, ending up on Grand Floridian’s grounds where I run along the paths in there to the boat launch dock overlooking the Magic Kingdom. I then head back running through the Polynesian grounds to the Ticket and Transportation center and loop back around to my room. This is by no means a long run for me but it is one of my most enjoyable. (You could do it twice to make it more challenging).

The exercise is secondary on these days to me. The view and the feelings it invokes in me are primary. Usually I am a “get some miles in” kind of girl but not these days. You see so much that you would not see if you weren’t experiencing this. From the pool staff preparing the pool for what will be hundreds by mid-afternoon to the small kids already bounding to breakfast, so excited about what is in store for them that day. You see details you would never notice when running along these paths and how much work it takes to keep this place as special as it is. You also see those enjoying coffee on their balconies taking in the same views I am, the looks of the faces of those leaving on early flights, headed back to reality, and I think I can even tell which one of those early rising families are starting their first day, bounding to the main building anticipating that first park experience. All I take in on these runs make me appreciate where I am, what I am doing, and how lucky I am to be there so much more.

Depending on the time of year you are there, you can also see one of my favorites, the lights slowly going out on Cinderella’s Castle castle. In March, it was still getting light when I did my run so the lights were still on at the castle. As it gets light, they slowly turn them off, one section at a time, in a manner that is barely noticeable unless you were to be watching it for that purpose.

I am a runner, that is part of who I am. I am also an avid Disney World fan; I cannot get enough of it. To combine the two of them is something so enjoyable, you have to experience it yourself to truly know what it is like.

For other routes at Disney and information on running while in Disney World, there is a great site. Maps and trails can be found here.

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  1. Britt says:

    I am not big on running but that sounds absolutely beautiful!

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