What to do in Nassau? A Day at Atlantis

While in Nassau, I highly recommend making your way to Atlantis for the day. Atlantis not only has amazing water slides, but there is even a Mayan-themed kids pool and water playground. The water playground is equipped with two slides, rope bridges, water fountains, and much more. If you are worried about finding food for young children, the children’s area even has its own counter service with grilled cheese, burgers, and a “tackle box” which includes cheese, turkey, carrots, and much more. Some of the more famous slides include the Leap of Faith, the Abyss, and the Serpent Slide. The Leap of Faith is the famous 60 foot, almost completely vertical drop slide. You start from the top of the world famous Mayan Temple and plummet into a tunnel that goes through a tank full of sharks. Located next to it, the Serpent Slide also goes through the tunnel but at a slower speed so you can really enjoy the view. The Abyss quickly propels you through a pitch black tunnel into an underground cave you can only enter through this slide which is occupied by tanks of fish. For those who aren’t quite ready to ride through the dark or a tank of sharks, I recommend the Jungle Slide which is an open aired slide that twists and turns through a jungle landscape. My personal favorite must have to be the Surge. Located on top of the Power Tower, it twists and turns like a roller coaster and puts you right into the famous rapids river. This was one that I definitely did more than once. When I went to Atlantis, I rode the Abyss and the Surge first and then made my way over to the other slides like the Serpent Slide which resulted in the line being much shorter as most people start at the big slides first. I came to the park as a person that is not a big fan of waterslides, sharks or the dark and the whole idea of it was pretty crazy but I realized the more slides I rode, how safe and fun they actually are.

Not only is Atlantis so much fun to go to with its amazing slides and fun pools, but it is both less expensive than a shore excursion and less expensive when you buy it as a day pass direct through Atlantis and take the $4 cab ride over from the pier. You typically save $50 per person doing this route over through the cruise line.  Next time you go on a cruise that stops in Nassau, make sure that going to Atlantis is considered.

Written by Marin Sinclair, 14 year old Kid Expert


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