What To Do With Those Magic bands?

When your magic bands arrive in the mail, you know your magical vacation is approaching!  The excitement over these little colorful bands turns then into a useful necessity once your trip begins to open your resort door, enter the parks, charge items, redeem dining credits for meals, even let the cast members and attractions offer a little extra pixie dust. But when you get home and you have all these wonderful memories, what do you do with those bands? They can be re-used at the park as they have a battery life up to three years but many have also found useful ways to use them around the house.



Garland. Link them together and make tree garland


Curtain holder. Tie back your curtains with these beauties.


Luggage identifier. Hook one to the handle of your luggage so you see it easily it on the baggage carousel. Make sure to unlink them in your My Disney Experience account before doing this.

Computer cord tie. Tidy up all those cords behind your desk and entrainment center using a magic band.


Napkin ring holder. Make a colorful table setting with your bands.


Keep wrapping paper from unrolling by sliding a band over the tube.


Hang them on your tree as ornaments or make an original ornament using a few of them.

When it is time to go back, mix and match your groups’ bands, make then your unique design.


Do you have a unique way to use your magic bands? Please let us know!



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  1. That’s so clever. I love the wreath idea and using them to tie your computer cords together. Ours always look like a right mess

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