Things to do when visiting Aulani, A Disney Resort and Spa

Aulani, A Disney Resort and Spa has so many activities right at your fingertips within the resort but when you fly all the way to Hawaii, you must experience more than just the resort. Here are some ideas for the guest interested in everything from history, leisure, and full on adventure! You can rent a car right on the resort property as well.


Ko Olina Lagoons

Ko Olina encompasses 642 acres featuring a string of four jewel-like lagoons connected by more than a mile and a half of seaside pathways. 3.4 miles from Aulani



FIA FIA Polynesian Show

The FIA FIA Polynesian Dinner Show occurs just once a week on Tuesday evenings at the Marriott’s Ko Olina Beach Club. The show demonstrates many different aspects of Polynesian culture, dance and music through hula dancing, comedy and the narration provided by the Chief, who is the master of ceremonies. The FIA FIA luau is less known than many other popular luau options on Oahu and throughout all of Hawaii, so it is a smaller venue that provides more intimacy, guest interaction and easy access to the satisfying dinner buffet. The show concludes with a breathtaking fire dancing performance that is guaranteed to impress. 0.5 miles from Aulani



Ko Olina Ocean Adventures

Swim and snorkel with wild dolphins, turtles and reef fish on Oahu Hawaii near Ko Olina Resort. Whale watching also included. 0.9 miles from Aulani

Wild Side Specialty Tours

Whale Watching, Swimming with Wild Dolphins, Turtle Reef Snorkeling on Oahu. 8.6 miles from Aulani

KaPili Tours

KaPili provides tailored tours of ‘Oahu. Experience the spirit of aloha, the hidden gems, local foods and insights on history, traditions and culture of the islands. 4.0 miles from Aulani

Hawaii Plantation Village

Located in historic Waipahu town, local guides take you on a journey back to the early 1900s where you can experience more than 25 authentic plantation homes and structures featuring personal artifacts, clothing, furniture and art placed in their original settings. 8.0 miles from Aulani

Coral Crater Adventure Park

Coral Crater Adventure Park is all about adventure. Full Zipline, Adventure Tower, Side-by-Side ATV, King Swing, Freefall, and Climbing Wall are among the adventures to experience at this park. 3.9 miles from Aulani.

Manulele Distillers

Hawaiian sugarcane grew 800 years before the plantations ever existed. Experience heirloom varieties again. hand harvested and pressed to juice, these heirloom canes are distilled to perfection. The result, one of the world’s finest pure cane rums. 9.1 miles from Aulani

Surf HNL Ko’olina

Surf and SUP excursions for ages 3 and up! 5.3 miles from Aulani.

Hawaii Nautical

Hawaii Nautical is one of Hawaii’s largest ocean-activity providers, with a fleet of vessels islandwide serving many harbors across Oahu, and also the Kona side of the Big Island.

Adventures include sailing, snorkeling, dolphin-watching and whale-watching, scuba diving, stand-up paddleboard surfing, sunset cruises and dinner cruises. 2.4 miles from Aulani






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