Don’t forget these when taking a vacation to Walt Disney World Resort®

Although there are many things to pack when going on a Disney Vacation, I thought I would touch on a few things that we at Ears feel are very important to remember.


You cannot buy gum on Disney’s property. They spend a lot of money every day getting rid of this sticky stuff and they try to keep the cleaning times down by not offering it for purchase at the parks and resorts.

Power strips

The outlets in resort rooms can be spread about so bring a power strip or two to keep everything together and charged. This not only assures you a start to your day juiced up but also not forgetting any of those pesky little chargers upon your departure.

Snacks you cannot get in the parks.

There is a difference between snacks and treats. The parks are full of sweet and salty treats Mickey Bars, candy apples, popcorn, and pretzels. And there is a time and place for these but there is also a time and place for snacks between meals that sustain and hold you over but also give you energy. These items would ideally have protein, carbs, and a little sweetness. Great options are; granola bars that have little to no chocolate or yogurt to avoid melting, peanut butter crackers, nuts, dried fruit, beef jerky, etc.

External battery charger.

This insures you can charge those devices while waiting in line and not having to find a plug somewhere to sit and charge up while watching everyone else going from fun attraction to fun attraction.

Hand sanitizer

For obvious reasons, hand sanitizer is a good idea to pack. But a little tip, use it after going through a buffet line, before you start eating and subsequent trip to a buffet for seconds. Handles of buffet items can be full of germs.


Items that keep kids busy in lines and restaurants

For those parents that want to keep screen time down on vacation and the battery charged up on their devices, bring items kids never see to keep them entertained while on vacation. For older kids, doing Mad Libs in line with them is fun. We have even had those around us join the fun.  Other options are; a notebook to use for hangman, tic tac toe, small books of word search, Sudoku, etc. For younger kids, a pack of stickers, crayons, and a little notebook to challenge them to make pictures with these items is fun. If you can find a little travel etch a sketch, these are a novelty most kids never have seen. Think “old school”. You would be surprised how much kids enjoy them as we did when we were their age. When all else fails, the little ones love a game of “I spy”


Pack bags smartly

So, you have all your items, pack it smartly in a bag that is easily to carry but not too big to be a hindrance. Crossover back packs are a great option as they are typically easier on the back and slimmer on the back side to not bang into others

Bring a Tupperware or hard case lunchbox to keep those snacks protected from breaking apart (no one wants to eats a crumbled pack of peanut butter crackers) and even from melting as much.





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2 Responses to “Don’t forget these when taking a vacation to Walt Disney World Resort®”

  1. Thanks for sharing an important checklist for Disney world tour. I think you can also add some items for a perfect trip. like comfortable shoes, Emergency medicine, Stroller for kids, Sun protected hat.

  2. Mia Evans says:

    It really helped when you talked about bringing an external battery charger so that we can also enjoy the attractions and not get stuck in an outlet. I will keep that in mind because we plan to book a trip to Disney this coming December for my son’s birthday. It will definitely be a peak season, so I should have a Disney vacation planner to list all of these tips down and also add some more if I think of something, so the experience will be a successful one for my son.

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