Why Moms Love Walt Disney World® Resort

After reading the title of the blog, you are probably thinking… ‘I love Disney for my kids’. ‘My kids love it… so it makes me happy’… or something along those lines. Well, as a mom, I do love Disney for my kids. They have a great time EVERY SINGLE time we go. I often get the question… “Are we going to Disney World this weekend?” followed by disappointment after I say… “No, not this weekend”. So yes, my kids LOVE Disney, so therefore… I love Disney.

However, there are so many reasons that mom’s love Disney that have absolutely NOTHING to do with your beloved children. So many times we do things for our children and not for us. Here are a few reasons that I (and so many other moms) love Mickey and all of his friends:

  1. The Food. If you have been to Disney, you know that you can pretty much get anything you want in the parks or at the different resorts. Literally, there is something for everyone on the Disney property. How many times have you fought with the family over what to have for dinner? I raise my hand as I think about last night’s dinner debacle with each child wanting something totally different then my hubby… and me wanting something healthy for everyone. For those few days that you are in Disney, your family and friends can go and eat anything they want. There should be no argument on where to eat or what for that matter because they can literally find something to please their pallet all over the parks. I personally recommend Italian in Italy at Epcot… but that’s me. Great food, good looking Italian men, kids are quiet while they color and watch pizza being made.                                                                                                                                                                                     
  2. The Entertainment. How many times have you spent the 10 minutes before your kids wake up lying in bed thinking… what am I going to do today? Yep… me to. Way too often. One great thing about Disney is that they have the entertainment piece covered. You could literally not enjoy one ride and still get plenty of entertainment around the parks and at the resorts. There are parades, shows and character meet and greets in every park. The resorts have special kids’ events, movies under the stars, meet and greets (sometimes), pools, play areas, and so much more. When my family visits Disney… it is not “What should we do” it’s… “what SHOULDN’T we do?”. So, entertainment for a day or two CHECK! #winning #momsuccess                                                                                                                                                                                                    
  3. The Spa. Yes. I did use those three little letters that literally have every mom reading this in relaxation mode at the moment. Just because you are on ‘vacation’ with your family does not mean that you do not deserve a little mom time. You do! You are a mom and you ROCK at being a mom! So, treat yourself. Your trip to Disney should not be just about the kids or how many attractions you can enjoy. You do not need to run around crazy trying to meet Rapunzel and Mickey before jumping in line for Seven Dwarf’s Mine Train. Leave the planning of your parks to the Ears agents and you spend a few hours in the spa! Send dad, grandma, grandpa, partners, etc. into the parks if the kids can’t find something at the resort to entertain them. Although, I am pretty sure they will find something at the resort that they will LOVE.                 
  4. The Pools. Another one of those little words that mean so much to so many. I love spending time in the parks with my kids like any other mom, but I also love spending time at the pools. Did you know that there are lifeguards at pretty much every Disney property resort pool? If you are staying at Yacht and Beach Club, be sure you are there in the late afternoon to watch the changing of the guard show put on by the lifeguards. That is more entertainment for the kiddos. The pools are heated for those that visit the resorts year-round. Check out the resorts for the best pool options. Personally, I love the water slides and the lazy rivers during the days and the movies at the pool at night. I mean… what better way to watch The Little Mermaid then sitting in the pool with a (plastic) cup of wine. Finally, I love laying in the sun and taking a (dare I say it) nap. Whoops, I just did! Yes. I have taken a nap by the pool while dad played with the kids in the pools and had lunch in one of the many awesome resort restaurants. #momwin

    Yacht and Beach Club Pool

  5. Shopping! There is so much to do at Walt Disney World® Resort that does not even need a park ticket! If you have not heard about Disney Springs, I seriously recommend you check it out. They have FABULOUS shopping. This is typically my day at Disney Springs: Starbucks (a must), shopping at stores like Kate Spade, Uno De 50, and Free People, then grab lunch at a new restaurant. My favorite is the Edison and the Boathouse for a sit down. The kids love Planet Hollywood. After lunch I like to take in a movie at the AMC Theater in the middle of Disney Springs. Hit a few more shops then Dinner time! After dinner, you can easily head back to the resort or stick around for the outdoor entertainment and shows. Music played by a live DJ, moving performers and so much more.                                                                                                             
  6. It’s not really about the kids at all. So many times, I hear “I am going to wait until the kids are older, so they will remember it”. I get that. You spend all this money and this time going to Disney.. All of this to go and your kids may not remember much about the trip to Disney. Think about this, it is not just about the kids. It is about you. It is about the feeling you get when your precious child sees Mickey for the very first time. It is the smiles on their faces when they meet their favorite Toy Story character. It is the look of awe and amazement as a result of the fireworks over Cinderella’s castle. It is the hug you get after your child met their favorite princess because they are so excited. It is the conversation you have for weeks on end about “that time you saw the real Elsa and she gave me a hug”. It is the story they tell their friends at school or in the neighborhood about their trip to Disney. All of this is not about your child… it is how it makes you feel. #momwinagain                                                                                                                                                                                         


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